European Ombudsman - Free access to information in the EU - Regulation No 1049/2001- Standard of assessment used by European Ombudsman – Legal norms versus norms of good administration and whether good administration can be understood outside legality - European Code of Good Administrative Behaviour and the rather ambiguous concept of maladministration - European Ombudsman as developer of norms of good administration in the area of free access to information - A rather limited role as developer of norms of good administration for the European Ombudsman in individual decisions - Role in 'translating' the case law into somewhat more accessible jargon and explaining how existing principles and norms of good governance apply to the circumstances of a specific case - Own inquiries as a policy instrument for advising EU institutions and agencies on how to deal with certain aspects pertaining to access to documents and transparency - Interesting interplay between European Ombudsman and the courts.